Who are we?

El Semanal Magazine, established in 2001, is a bi-weekly, minority owned Hispanic Magazine distributed every other Wednesday throughout 36 cities of Central and Northern Utah. The publication is available to Hispanic readers for FREE in over 236 locations which include markets, retail outlets, restaurants, libraries, and health institutions. The publication attracts the Hispanic reader through its service-oriented editorial content that focuses on issues pertaining to entertainment, beauty, horoscope, nation wide news, Latin-American and local news, business, health, immigration, travel, food review, and even local employment opportunities through a full classified advertisement section.

Since El Semanal Magazine was released in 2001, it has characterized itself as a publication of the community; oriented toward creating and maintaining strong ties between the different sectors and groups of the community. El Semanal Magazine has sponsored and covered the majority of the most important community and sporting events of the state. This unique aspect of creating bonds through; loyalty, trust and consistency have made it possible for El Semanal to position itself as the most preferred Hispanic publication among readers in less than six months of its release. Since then El Semanal has assumed and maintained the position of the leader and most desired amongst all printed Spanish publications in Utah.

What do we do?

Print Advertising

We publish your display ads in full page or a fraction of page, in full color, also we offer the classified section.

Graphic Design

In our graphic design department, we have very professional and expertise people who are willing to help you out designing the perfect artwork, to introduce or promote the product and/or service in the most appropriate manner to our large group of readers.

Corporative Image Design

The corporative image is the symbol set that the Company uses to be different in itself through the market. The corporative image relates as a company appears through El Semanal we would be more than happy to help you out in this matter, creating a logo, symbol etc…

A whole campaign in Spanish language

If you are looking for a whole advertising campaign in the Spanish language, El Semanal is your best ally to get better rates through our media partners, consequently your advertising results will demonstrate that you have invested your money wisely.

Other Printing Services:

In addition, El Semanal Magazine is pleased to offer a wide variety of high quality printing goods at an affordable price, such as:

Business cards






Manuals (stitched or spiraled)

Business forms

Presentation folders



Invoices, etc…

Where are we?

Phone. 801.364.6308

Why El Semanal?

Many Hispanic families laugh, reflected and got excited by the contents of this very Mexican publication that made them feel as they express “very close to their cultural roots”.

Most of the Hispanic establishments welcomed El Semanal because they, more than anyone were aware of the lack of publications that write more than old news and sad political stories. “We want to laugh, read horoscopes, at the same time that we learn about the many events that are happening in our local community, a source of information that is constant and that we can understand” said Cecilia Madrigal, owner of La Pequeñita in Ogden.

“As Spanish Teacher at Lehi High School, and also as native from Colombia S.A., I have been using El Semanal Magazine in my classroom with my students to help them to do their reading in the Spanish language. The articles, the presentation and the contents of the publication are great” added Yolanda S. Heyn.

16 years later and after many struggles to stay in business, due to a bumpy economy, in the Hispanic market of Utah, with more than 440 editions, El Semanal Magazine has become the most important Spanish publication in northern and central Utah. El Semanal has being recognized by the Utah Business Magazine and the Better Business Bureau. Now a day El Semanal has reaches over 50,000 readers in a bi-weekly bases in all of the main cities of the Wasatch Front, Cache, Wasatch, Tooele and Utah County.

El Semanal sponsors and promotes important community events such as Fiesta Mexicana, (a Mexican independence day celebration), Downtown SLC Cinco de Mayo Parade, Mexifest, Days of 47, Murray and Taylorsville Dayzz, Santa’s Parade in West Valley, La Posada, First Night, Festival Peruano de Utah, Living Traditions festival and many others.

“Our readers are the most important part of our business; they have lead our advertisers to us, helping us to improve the magazine and helping us to reach out to all those further communities throughout the state of Utah”, this are the remarks of Martin Alcocer, Director and Editor of El Semanal.

The benefits to those businesses who advertise in El Semanal are the key to the success of this publication. Advertising in Spanish takes more than just translating an ad into Spanish, it takes pure knowledge of the language in its native form, and more importantly, the knowledge of the culture to which the advertising will be targeted to.

Most of the important corporations, small and larger businesses are aware of the need to tap into the Hispanic market. Here in Utah, El Semanal has what a company needs to achieve that goal.

Here are 10 Reasons why to advertise in El Semanal

  1. El Semanal is the most preferred Hispanic publication among readers in Utah.
  2. The Hispanic Community represents more than 16% of Utah’s population and more than 20% of the Utah County’s population.
  3. El Semanal is focused mostly toward the Mexican community.
  4. The Mexican community represents 3 quarters of the Hispanic community in Utah.
  5. El Semanal is the most desired printed publication in Spanish by the Mexican community and the rest of the Hispanic/Latino population.
  6. The Mexican community in Utah has a more abundant purchase power, higher than 1 billion dollars yearly.
  7. The Mexican community owns more than 1,800 businesses with annual sales of 227 million dollars.
  8. El Semanal is one of those 1,800 businesses owned by Mexicans. Actually, it is the only printed publication in Utah, made by Mexican people. Communicating through the Mexican community using the particular manner and regional words that lead to a better understanding for our readers.
  9. Mexicans and Hispanic/Latinos prefer to communicate in their own language, and…
  10. To the Mexican population, advertised discounts and offers in print are more guaranteed than those that are merely stated through radio or TV. Therefore…..El Semanal is “The Leader in Hispanic Publications since 2001”.