ESL; Español Como Segunda Lengua

Por: Cirilo

Si tienes amigos que no hablan la lengua de Cervantes y están interesados en aprenderla, pero les resulta un poco difícil… sugiéreles que intenten memorizar estas técnicas llamadas Spanish for gringos: There’s always something new to learn and try. For example if you say “pair done”, spiks will understand: “pardon” (sorry).

Now try the next list:
1. Boy as n r = Voy a cenar = I’m gonna have a dinner.
2. N L C John = En el sillón = on the armchair.
3. Be a hope and son = Viejo panzón = fat old man.
4. This s poor as stunt air e us = Dices puras tonterías = you’re saying dumb things.
5. S toy tree stone = Estoy tristón = I’m kinda sad.
6. Lost trap eat toss = Los trapitos = the little rags.
7. A key eye poor agree jug = Aquí hay pura grilla = there’s only politics around here.
8. Desk can saw = Descanso = (you) rest.
9. As say toon as = Aceitunas = olives.
10. Cell eye jug, one as what toe = Celaya Guanajuato = Celaya Guanajuato (City in central Mexico).
11. Be a has r when there us = Viejas arguenderas = arguing old ladies.
12. Come at a lost ugh wack cat tess = Comete los aguacates = eat the avocados.
13. The head the star mall less stan dough = Deje de estar molestando = stop bugging me.
14. Kit at tell loss war at chess = Quitate los huaraches = take off your sandals.
15. Ball add the pay jazz sad us = bola de payasadas = silly stuff.
16. See eye = Si hay = yes we have.
17. T n s free o = Tienes frio? = are you cold?
18. S taz B N son so = Estas bien sonso = yuo are a dumb.
19. B N S B N patch echo = Vienes bien Pacheco = yuo come very high.
20. Mom as C touch Ula = Mamacita chula = bueatiful girl.